Christine Milne, leader of the Greens, under the AAA Leadership lens

What the article says:

Christine Milne is 100 days into her leadership and shows little evidence of filling the large shoes left by Bob Brown. This period coincides with a deep split in the Labor alliance and could mark the beginning of the end for the Greens’ influence. And to make things even more difficult, the ongoing and unseemly stoush between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott deprives Ms Milne of the crucial oxygen she needs to give life to her leadership.

The foundation of high level leadership is found in Triple A Leadership: the effective integration of authenticity, authorship and authority. Looking at Christine Milne from this perspective raises concerns about her future. But the situation is not terminal, and can be turned around relatively easily at this early stage of the game.

There is little doubt about Ms Milne’s authenticity … But in the nexus between authorship and authority, which builds on authenticity, she is falling short.

The solution involves finding a way to integrate her authentic self—the female leader, the environmentalist, the farmer and gardener, the mother, the social activist—with a consistent narrative which bridges both her own and the Greens’ past present and future. This will lay a foundation for inner authority, enabling her to grow in stature as the leader of the Greens and a politician of influence.

If Ms Milne continues on her current trajectory she risks leading the Greens back to the wilderness, rather than to a central place in Australian politics. She needs to navigate a difficult path as she grasps the leadership baton, embraces her authority, finds her voice, and stays true to her values. Welcome to the world of high level leadership, lived in the glare of the media, with little room for error.

Why this matters:

In simple terms: because the foundation on which we stand is crucial to success, and goes beyond our values.  It includes our story, our ability to tell that story, and the way we project our authority.  Public leaders provide good insight for Triple A Leadership

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