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THE AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS REVIEW: Humancentred leadership puts people first, does what is right

Business and government leaders need to answer some fundamental questions. Do we want a society based on economic models or on meaning and purpose? Do we want a society that puts people first or puts profits and economic performance first?

These are questions of leadership, since leaders create the environment in which business and government operate.

Human-centred leadership offers a way forward, since it puts people first and does what is right for people. Unilever’s Paul Polman insists business cannot prosper in a community that fails in a human-centred approach.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT MANAGER: Building human-centred leadership capability

THE ANCIENT GREEKS BELIEVED THAT A ‘GOOD LIFE’ was a life of human flourishing, and that the key to that was the practice of good habits, or doing the right thing in order to become the best person you can.

Why does this matter for leadership?  Because leadership is fundamentally about a relationship with other people – it is human-centred – and helping those people become all they can be. This suggests three key insights that can help you become a human-centred leader.

INSIDE HR: The Future and a Window into the Future of Leadership

Amidst a backdrop of unprecedented change, human-centred leadership offers the best possible model for navigating the complexities and challenges of the immediate 21st century, writes Anthony Howard