NEWS.COM.AU: How Amazon has it all wrong

THE modern workplace is becoming a powerful and relentless factory that swallows up high-achievers and spits them out.

A New York Times expose on Amazon this weekend painted a grim picture of a “bruising” environment fuelled by ambitious recruits who are encouraged to tear each other’s ideas apart, provide secret feedback on colleagues and work long and hard at the expense of their personal lives.

AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT: Are you a human-centred leader?

Human-centred leaders put people before profit, doing what is right before results, and focus on creating an environment where people can grow, develop and become their best selves. When you care for people they will care for your business. When you put people first, the results flow through to the bottom line.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT MANAGER: Building human-centred leadership capability

THE ANCIENT GREEKS BELIEVED THAT A ‘GOOD LIFE’ was a life of human flourishing, and that the key to that was the practice of good habits, or doing the right thing in order to become the best person you can.

Why does this matter for leadership?  Because leadership is fundamentally about a relationship with other people – it is human-centred – and helping those people become all they can be. This suggests three key insights that can help you become a human-centred leader.

DYNAMIC BUSINESS: The human cost of striving for profit

Are the people who work for you no more than a means to make money? While our natural desire is to maximise profit, there is a point where the human cost is too high. Although profit is measured by dollars on the bottom line, the size of that profit can be a measure of how you treat people. Sometimes it is the processes we put in place that damage people.

INSIDE HR: The Future and a Window into the Future of Leadership

Amidst a backdrop of unprecedented change, human-centred leadership offers the best possible model for navigating the complexities and challenges of the immediate 21st century, writes Anthony Howard

Ian Bremmer on the moral dilemmas faced by leaders

Fascinating (as always) meeting with Ian Bremmer, author and president of Eurasia Group, in NYC.  Ian is a geopolitical strategist whose global contextual intelligence is beyond compare.  Whenever I am with him, or reading his writing, I am struck by his unique ability to observe, analyse, synthesise and then summarise in ways that are immediately

NACD Conference comments

I have just left Washington where I spoke at the National Association of Corporate Directors annual conference: Future Proofing the Boardroom . 1000+ heavy hitters from the American business community attended. The hyper-partisan argument consuming the attention on Capital Hill meant the business of Government was never far from our minds. Several asked whether the…